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Read about "Jazz in DC" by Bobby Dodd

DC Jazz

DC Jazz should be any local jazz fan or musician's stop in learning about today's DC jazz scene. The site provides a wealth of information - look here to find websites of local musicians (either run by dcjazz or the artists themselves), hire bands and musicians, search concert listings, listen to the jukebox, or download mp3s. If you are a musician, the site can connect you to the business side of local jazz. Also, if you don't want to forget to periodically stop by the site, subscribe to the monthly DC Jazz email list.

DC Jazz Photos

This collection of photos by Michael Wilderman captures musicians in the DC area over the last two decades. With these images, Wilderman brings to life some of the fun and spirit of local jazz. The photos are great, although there aren't very many. Luckily, the rest of this site features Wilderman's jazz photography, usually with a DC focus.

Duke Ellington's Washington

This site, run by PBS, provides the transcript for a documentary about the jazz scene thriving in DC before the Harlem Renaissance. Learn about the U Street corridor as the "Black Broadway," famous musicians, and the history of the neighborhood that fostered such a strong jazz scene.

Jazz Profiles from NPR

The NPR show Jazz Profiles documents the careers of living jazz masters, through their own voices. One of their shows focused on DC, and the stories are available online. Read the brief descriptions of artists and scenes, and listen to their interviews. Interviews range from describing personal histories to recollecting neighborhood scenes to discussing the issues relevant to contemporary musicians.

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Presbyterian has hosted a jazz night every Friday since 1999. The excellent (and cheap) live music and food draw an impressive crowd to this Southwest church. Many of the area residents who fill the sanctuary and spillover into the basement are regular patrons of this event. Their energy and friendliness complement the high quality of the performances onstage, creating an unbeatable weekly gathering for the DC jazz scene.

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